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Helping Colorado’s Pets One Paw at a Time

The Pet Overpopulation Fund tax checkoff was established by Colorado statute in 2001. All funds through the tax checkoff are dedicated to subsidizing the spay and neuter of owned animals in partnership with local coalitions of humane societies, veterinary clinics and animal care and control organizations.

Because of Colorado’s concerned and generous citizens, the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund has provided more than $2.7 million in grants to care for pets and subsidized 60,000 spay and neuter surgeries in under-served areas.

Your generous donation to the tax checkoff will continue to support the prevention of unwanted litters in high need communities across the state. Tax refunds can be donated directly to the checkoff fund through your state tax return. Direct contributions to the fund are accepted at any time throughout the year and are tax deductible.

For more information about the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund or to make a direct contribution visit

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