Colorado Youth Corps

Supporting the Colorado Youth Corps Association will put youth, young adults, and returning veterans to work on critical projects in Colorado such as flood recovery, wildland firefighting and prevention, and building trails. For many of our participants, we offer their first job, first professional reference, and the first step on the path to a brighter future.

The CYCA fund benefits the 10 accredited youth conservation corps that work statewide. Collectively we employ 1,600 youth, young adults, and veterans who work on land, water, and energy projects—while earning a college scholarship! Our crews perform a wide variety of services for Coloradans, from installing high-efficiency toilets in households to helping maintain the trails leading up our 14,000 foot peaks. We help build the next generation of firefighters through elite training and experience, and build careers in agriculture through invasive species removal.

Your contribution changes lives and landscapes across our state. Here is what your contribution means in keeping our state beautiful:

  • $25 creates a leadership development curriculum for a corpsmember
  • $50 trains a corpsmember in building a career in natural resources
  • $100 trains a corpsmember in critical vocational skills
  • $250 supports a college scholarship for a corpsmember
  • $500 supports an career internship for a corpsmember

For every $1 received, CYCA gives $4 to Colorado youth corps. Your money has exponential power to change lives. Please support CYCA and give where you live…or hike!

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