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Melanie Zeitler, 9Health Fair Director of Philanthropy
1139 Delaware Street
Denver, CO 80204-3607
Phone: 303-698-4455
Email: melanie.zeitler@9healthfair.org

Three of our over 10,000 volunteers


Our Mission: 9Health Fair advances health awareness, providing people with the tools they need to take responsibility for their own health.

In 2016, 9Health Fair completed 37 consecutive years of life-saving, professional health screenings as well as education. 9Health Fairs are offered in over 125 Colorado communities and our success is due to the efforts of our 10,000 medical professional and support volunteers who do everything from ship supplies to draw blood. We are pleased to be able to continue to offer our affordable and convenient health screenings in the Spring and Fall for both children and adults.

Participant Testimonial: Joe and his friends gather at their 9Health Fair every year as a social gathering. They attend the fair and then head out for breakfast. This year Joe was called by us with kidney function tests at a critical level. In spite of the fact that he was unaware of any problems, we advised him to see his doctor immediately. Thankfully he did make an appointment right away only to be told that 9health Fair results must be wrong because he would not be standing talking if his kidney functions were so bad. His doctor did send him to the ER to have a redraw.

Their results were the same so Joe was immediately admitted to the hospital for five days, his kidneys had shut down and 2 liters of fluid were drained from his system. By looking at him no one could tell he was so ill. He credits 9HealthFair with saving his life.

Participants gathering at our spring fair in rural Eaton Colorado

Father and son participating in Yoga at the Colorado Convention Center

9Health Fair provides affordable blood screenings and free exams to thousands of Coloradans each year. Donations to this fund help offset lab and supply costs at over 125 locations across the state. 9Health Fair is an independent nonprofit separate from 9News, our media partner, serving over 60,000 annually and improving Colorado’s health since 1979.

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